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Classified Services

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Moore Accounting and Tax Services is a full-service business with 15+ years of experience. Our specialty is tax debt relief services. We can help you with your tax preparation and planning, including individual partnerships, corporate returns, and S-Corporations. Electronic tax preparation is enormous savings! In the unlikely event of a tax audit, we are authorized to appear on your behalf before the Internal Revenue Service.
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As a full-service payroll company, we help you design and tailor a payroll plan that exactly fits your needs and budget. Our experience working with small businesses runs deep and our payroll expertise provides you with personalized service whenever you need it. Payroll services include direct deposits, tax payments, required filings, time clock services, new hire onboarding, e-Verify reporting, federal/state reports, and tax returns.
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Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Ledger Medial is an accounting service designed to act as a hub or quarterback for small businesses and their owners, yet we also offer services for many other accounting and tax needs. We have options for almost everyone in need of tax or accounting services. Whether you are a business owner only in need of monthly bookkeeping, a taxpayer with only a W-2 or more extensive circumstances, or a business that needs ongoing compliance and advisory services we can help you. We focus on each and every client regardless of how simple or elaborate the project may be.
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Hello and welcome to Sentinel Accounting LLC. We are a small firm providing small businesses with accounting and CFO services. Since 2017, we have been helping sole proprietors, partnerships, and S-Corps with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. While we are located in Greenville, South Carolina, we have customers across the country. The best way to learn how we can help is to schedule a free consultation.